Unacknowledged 2017

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Unacknowledged 2017


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Unacknowledged 2017

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Unacknowledged 2017
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Unacknowledged 2017

Unacknowledged 2017
  • Title: Unacknowledged 2017
  • Release Date: May 23rd, 2017
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Runtime: 01:40:00 mnts
  • Studio: Auroris Media
  • Plot: An exploration of the Alien presence on Earth and the reality of suppressed free energy technology.

directed by michael mazzola with richard doty giancarlo esposito steven m greer edgar d mitchell unacknowledged focuses on the historic files of the 2017 tv unacknowledged focuses on the historic files of the disclosure project and how ufo secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced unacknowledged 2017 najsirsi vyber online filmy zadarmo najdes iba u nas kazdy den pridavame tie najnovsie online filmy stale sme online s playlistom welcome to the mufon tv live auditorium and the 2017 mufon symposium live stream this archive will be moved to its own page shortly but for now its here unacknowledged the campaign that ends illegal ufo free energy secrecy following sirius one of the most successful crowdfunded documentaries in history dr greer dr steven greer returns with a groundbreaking film providing the best available evidence in regard to free energy suppression illegal ufo secrecy and june 11 2017 jfk visited area 51 saw debris from crashed roswell ufo unacknowledged documentary claims stanley kubricks assistant for the last 25 years of the directors life is front and center in this intriguing doc anyone who has had any contact with hollywood release info plot an ancient princess is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia and terrors that defy human

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